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DELCOF S.A. was founded in 1999 and derived from the need of wider cooperation and mutual support of the biggest processed fruit industries in Greece.
In the frame of this network was decided to set up a quality control and chemical analyses laboratory, This laboratory has the ambition not only to cover the needs of the network but also the needs of cultivators, local authorities and companies of the private sector with similar activities.

Among the goals of the laboratory is the exploitation of instrumentation and scientific human resources for the collaboration with research centers and universities to carry out research programs in various fields.
PESTICIDE RESIDUES CONTROL________________________________________
Pesticide residues are a permanent danger to the quality of food, environment and consumers health, DELCOF's laboratory has the capacity of their determination in every substance (food, water and soil).
METAL CONCENTRATION CONTROL____________________________________
The presence of metals in food is an important quality parameter. Their determination takes place in the lowest concentration with the biggest credibility.
MICROBIOLOGICAL CONTROL__________________________________________
Complete microbiological control of food, water and wastewater.

WASTEWATER CONTROL___________________________ ___________________
Determination of all the important parameters in the biological treatment of wastewater (BOD, COD etc).
PHYSICOCHEMICAL WATER CONTROL___________________________________
Simple water quality control occurs through the determination of physicochemical parameters of water (pH, conductivity, total hardness, nitrites etc).
SOIL AND LEAF ANALYSES_____________________________________________
Periodic soil and leaf analyses are necessary for a correct and enviroment friendly agricultural practice.
The analyses are carried out of experts according to the globally accepted analytical procedures and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). For that purpose the laboratory has equipped with the latest technology instruments and has established a constant collaboration with researchers in the Section of Analytical Chemistry of Chemistry Department in Aristotelian University Of Thessaloniki.